About company

Design Workshop of Roads and Bridges Ryszard Kowalski has been created in 1972 beside Dyrekcji Okręgowej Dróg Publicznych. Since then DIM has been leading design and supervision company in roads and infrastructure engineering sector. From 1991 DIM transform into private company. Works of Office are directed by his founder M.Sc.Eng Ryszard Kowalski.

DIM employ high qualifield designers. Our Civil Engineers keep on inrease their qualifications, so that they can provide the most efficient and more effective way. The Company actively participates in thematic conferences, seminars, and meetings. Over the long years the Company has acquired a recognised and stable position on the design services market. Out team maintain a friendly atmosphere, building everyday relations based on mutual respect. We believe that our employees are our strength, because they are the ones who create the future of DIM.

Curently DIM is the bigest company providing full range of services in roads and bridges in region.