Development of technical documentation for the various stages of the project

1. Materials for Local Development Plan

2. Study of Communication

3. Study - Economic - Environmental

4. Concepts

5. Building Project

6. Executive projects

7. Tender materials

8. Feasibility studies

9. Visualization of projects

Supervision over the implementation of the investment

1. Keeping a replacement investment projects financed with European funds as Contract Engineer

2. Acting as Contract Engineer, Resident Engineer or Inspector

3. Acting as Supervisors Copyright

Design and build

1. Support Contractor at every stage during tender process for design and build, helping prepare tender , make designs and supervision the investment.

The design works are carried out using specialized programs created for the road sector

1. AutoCad Civil 3D 2011 & 2013

2. AutoCad 2010 & 2014

3. MS Office